Things to consider before planning kitchen renovation

Though most people prefer the idea of having an indoor kitchen to be safe and more sophisticated, somehow that doesn’t match the enthrallment, which comes with an outdoor kitchen. Setting in the backyard or outside your living room, outdoor kitchens are equally functional like the indoor ones, if not more. Both space-wise and beauty-wise, the outdoor kitchen does outsmart the indoor arrangements.

However, as tempting the idea sounds, taking care of an outdoor kitchen needs more input. After all, when you have something stationed outside the shelter of your home, out in the open, things are bound to get messy.

This is the reason why outdoor kitchen renovation is so important. With the houses being designed in a modern way, your outdoor kitchen needs up-gradation. And for that, you must hire a professional contractor.

However before you finalize the contractor and starts the renovation work, certain things are there which you need to take care of. Outdoor kitchens are tenderer than the indoor ones and that’s why certain precautionary measures should be considered.


If you are in a dilemma regarding the entire fiasco, then here are the basic things you should keep in mind and perform accordingly.

  1. Take a decision for the floor cover

If you are not satisfied with your floors, then you should definitely go for its change. The floor material will depend upon the weather and also how often you will use the outdoor kitchen area. Ceramic tiles, stone tiles, cemented floors, and so many other covering options are there that you can choose from.

  1. Plan out where you need to keep what appliance

When you are planning for an outdoor kitchen renovation, be sure to chalk out a plan where you can place your appliances appropriately. For example, using a built-in cabinet styled refrigerator or microwave is suitable.

  1. Bring out more space in the kitchen

Plan your kitchen in a way where you will have the maximum space. The sole reason why many people go for outdoor kitchens is spaciousness and the freeness. So, blocking the spaces or paths isn’t a very good idea.

  1. Do not plan on keeping the dining area too far

This is an outdoor kitchen and so, you cannot keep your dining space in some other outdoor part of your house. Plan the dining area nearby, within the same compound as that of the outdoor kitchen.

  1. Think about whether you want a shelter

You will know your place better than anyone else does. So, you will decide whether you want to keep it open or you want to have an additional shelter for extra protection against snowfall or rain.

  1. Make sure the plan describes the best placement areas for the utilities

Whatever renovation plan you are drawing out, one thing you should be aware of is the proper placement of the utilities, like the electricity lines, the water pipes, and even the gas pipes.

  1. Make sure you are planning to add ambient lighting

Without lighting, the outdoor kitchen can become a dark space. You cannot just cook or eat under the moonlight. So, make sure you are using the proper lights.